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8 Third-Party Home Screen Widgets That You Can Try Out Now on iOS 14

I wish that when you tapped the dots at the bottom while editing a home screen, you could drag and drop the order of the home screens around. It would be nice to be able to prioritize things different, such as for the weekend I could bring out a certain set of normally hidden widgets. Will the smart stack work with third parties? Like if I have a delivery active, it will show that in the rotation? It would be great if the home screen presented was based on time of day. Like during the day I have a lot of Email, DropBox, Slack, etc going on, but in the evening it would be nice if it showed me Photos, YouTube, Activity, etc. I’ve wanted that functionality for a while on my Apple Watch so it would automatically change my watch face. Hopefully they add that next year. Would keep things more focused on the tasks at hand.

I imagine there will be an RSS feed app that adds support for widgets. Then you could have MacRumors pull in that way with the latest headlines.

In the News app you can follow a MacRumors channel, but as of yet there is no way to add a channel to a widget, just “today” or “topic.” Hopefully they add that in the future.

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