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British Royal Family News: Prince William Is Much More Relaxed Post-Megxit

British Royal Family News suggests that the Prince William we see today is a much more relaxed Prince William now that ‘Megxit’ is all said and done. Here’s what you need to know.

In Rhiannon Mills’ new Sky News segment, “Has the Duke left behind his Workshy William” title for good, she says there has been a shift in the Duke of Cambridge’s behavior. Not only has he taken on more work post Megxit, but he’s also adapted more of a relaxed demeanor.

British Royal Family News: Prince William Is Much More Relaxed Post-Megxit

Now, no one knows whether or not the coronavirus lockdown has caused this sudden change in the future King of England, but things that would have bothered him a year ago are the same things that he can easily brush off today.

One source close to the royals said in the segment, “The Royal Family has had to adjust to working in different ways, but who would have expected to see William and Kate being bingo callers on a Zoom call, playing the machines at the amusement arcade at Barry Island, or William laughing with Peter Crouch over a curry at Kensington Palace? Like his wife Kate, William has appeared more relaxed and, some might say, more relatable. This new way of working from home seems to have suited the Cambridges.”

With that said, Prince William has also hinted that he doesn’t feel like running away from his royal duties and responsibilities like he used to. Rhiannon Mills explained in her segment, “Emily Andrews, royal editor at The Mail on Sunday, told me this week that when she was writing stories for The Sun a couple of years ago about William being a reluctant royal, one source said to her that William wanted to live the life of a gentleman farmer.

It reminded me of how the Queen’s friends have often said that if she hadn’t been the monarch, she would have been happy just living in the countryside with her dogs and horses. You could say that Prince William, just like his grandmother, knows that service and duty must come first. That includes championing causes that he believes deserve more public attention during these difficult times.”

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