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Oil market taps into vaccine positivity

In London, equity markets rose solidly as investors continued to rotate away from lockdown winners and into neglected energy, aviation and travel stocks. BP and Royal Dutch Shell both jumped against the improving demand backdrop, with the former closing up 21.4p at 274.8p. Shell rose 73.4p to £13.26, with the …

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Businesses must act now as transition deadline looms

Every month Nancy Spungen, a chocolate-coloured and fabulously pampered moggy, who lives near Gothenburg in Sweden, waits excitedly for a parcel from London. It contains all of her favourite cat treats, specially packed and posted. Delays will be frowned on – she’s not named after the punk girlfriend of Sid …

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Direct mail posts lockdown resurgence, says Royal Mail

Direct mail has delivered a timely lockdown boost to the Royal Mail as it reports skyrocketing levels of engagement levels while people stuck at home rediscover the merits of physical mail. The postal provider’s own research found that consumers engaged with 96% of all mail during the lockdown, with 88% …

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Coronavirus may clog up Santa’s supply chains — Economy

Stores are warning of shortages for everything from children’s toys to turkeys. Covid-19 and government restrictions were already making for a somewhat gloomy Christmas this year. Now there’s reports that even the dinner on the table and presents under the tree could be under threat. Basically, a lot of shops don’t …

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