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Dunfermline and Fife: Royal Mail postal service workers praised for efforts

DOZENS of Press readers have stepped in to defend their local postie in the wake of criticism of Royal Mail’s service over Christmas.

Last month, the Press reported several complaints from residents across Dunfermline and West Fife with one describing the standard of delivering over the holidays as “absolutely appalling”.

Locals had vented about the length of time parcels and letters were taking to arrive, while other homeowners in Dunfermline and Carnock highlighted that they were only receiving one delivery per week.

Royal Mail told the Press that they had received “exceptionally high volumes of parcels ahead of the festive period” and were working hard to cope with the “unprecedented” increase of parcels into their network.

The postal service’s position has been understood by other Press readers who took to social media to praise the company and its workers for their efforts in recent months.

Posting on the Press Facebook page, Claire Bear, whose husband is a postal worker, said: “My hubby is a postie and he’s worked his butt off along with all the other posties.

“They’ve been working lots of extra hours and even going in on their days off.

“I think people are forgetting that we are in the middle of a pandemic so mail volumes will increase with people not able to go to shops etc.

“Give these guys and girls a break, they are doing their best.”

Carole Stephen said: “Key workers who never get a mention (postal workers). From the beginning of this pandemic they have worked tirelessly, bringing people’s mail and parcels at a risk to their own health.

“If all people have to worry about is a late Christmas card or present, they are very lucky!

“Well done all posties for your hard work. It is much appreciated by most.”

Her views were echoed by Lisa Brannan, from Duloch, who added: “We have two different postmen in Duloch and they are great.

“Yes, we had cards late in arriving from England but I think that’s more to do with the sheer volume the service has to deal with.

“All the presents I ordered online arrived on time.”

Diana Turnbull, from Dunfermline, said: “Posties have been nothing but amazing, especially during the festive period! Cannot praise ours enough!

“They’re all doing a fantastic job and under a lot of pressure.”

The Press reported postal workers being praised by West Fifers on a number of occasions during 2020.

Back in April, we told you about a seven-year-old girl from Rosyth who wrote a letter to her postie, Jim Taylor, who she described as “very brave” for continuing to work while the coronavirus pandemic was in its infancy in Scotland.

In July, we also reported that Duloch postie Sandy Scott arrived in Kingfisher Place to be be greeted by dozens of residents outside their homes to give him a rapturous applause and a present for his efforts.

And in March, December and this month the work of Kingseat postie Alan Petrie, who was recognised throughout the year for delivering mail and smiles to people while on his rounds, was highlighted by the Press.

Villagers showed their appreciation by nominating him for the notonthehighstreet ‘Thank You Postie’ campaign where he was chosen as one of six winners from a massive 20,000 nominations.

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