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Mail readers speaking out in support of postal staff

AFTER a use it or lose it ultimatum was issued to residents by bosses of Millom Post Office, the branch has received an overwhelming amount of support.

When appealing to for community support, the Postmaster said: “You may have seen in the media that Royal Mail are now offering to collect mail from home addresses.

“This could be convenient if you are self-isolating or unable to get out the house for other reasons, but please note that every parcel not brought to the Post Office is vital revenue lost for that Post Office.”

Moyra Lindsay said: “I have posted two cards in the last two week with a first class stamp they both took three days to get there so how long will it take a parcel but the working people in the post office are brilliant and they should get our support.”

Jan O’Connor said: “We wouldn’t use anything other than our Post Office, it’s a vital service for so many of us.”

Jean Wilson said: “They have brilliant staff who needs saving.”

Barbara Wright said: “Keep our post offices open.”

Julian Barns said: “It’s such a sad state of affairs seeing businesses and hardworking people have to send out messages like this. How much longer will be we be going through this?”

Walter Scott said: “So heart breaking to think people everywhere, including the people who we depend on for services like this just can’t catch a break in this day and age. Let’s do what we can for them.”

James Thompson said: “I used to work for the post office so believe me when I say it’s not a cushy easy job. It’s hard work and we should give them all the support we can. We are quick to forget.”

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