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Met Office wind warning now in force as Storm Brendan blasts Devon and Cornwall – live updates

Hamlet cut off

A small hamlet with some of the best river views in Cornwall was cut off from the rest of the world after a large tree came down in gale force winds.

Malpas, which overlooks the River Truro where it meets with the River Fal was the scene of amusement mixed with annoyance after the tree fell from a bank that leads down to the river across the single road in and out of the village.

A postman and a delivery man doing their rounds shortly before 1pm said they could expect to be stranded for several hours while council or highways services came down to remove the tree.

Chris Barker, the Royal Mail postie said: “It is annoying. I only had about 20 minutes left on my shift and now I’m stranded here. I guess I’ll have to take refuge in the pub.”

Malpas is famed for its Heron Inn pub which recently underwent a massive refurbishment.

The tree which is blocking entrance into Malpas

Chris added: “It’s the only road in and out and it’s blocked. They are going to have to come quickly because no emergency vehicle could get through. The village is completely blocked off.”

As Cornwall Live attended the incident in which no one was hurt and no property was damaged, a bus came up the road and was forced to reverse out of the village the best way it could. One woman had been called to pick up her stranded husband.

Jesse Aldridge, a courrier with Abboott’s Catering, said: “I was delivering cleaning products to the Heron Inn when the tree came down. I have been stranded for at least 20 minutes since the tree came down which was about 1pm. Thankfully there is no damage to any of the parked cars or people. But it’s going to be a nightmare getting out. It’s not just a case of taking a chainsaw to the tree. Some more specialist equipment will be needed because of where it is.”

Jesse and Chris said they had both contacted Highways Agency and Cornwall Council alerting them of the fallen tree

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