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Royal Mail app sizes parcels for correct postage

Parcel sizing has been added to the Royal Mail app. The augmented reality (AR) technology has been added alongside an Alexa ‘skill’ for parcel tracking.

The AR parcel sizing measuring tool is the first for a UK delivery company. Available on AR enabled devices, it enables customers to purchase the correct postage for the item, also through the app.

The Alexa tracking skill involves the customer setting up a code name for the parcel online. They then ask Alexa to track the item using the code name for the parcel.

The Royal Mail app has seen some success in uptake, with more than 500,000 downloads in the last year. It has been updated several times to allow for new services including buying postage, partial address entering for a full postal address to be found on the Royal Mail database, item tracking and delivery booking.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail says: “The updated Royal Mail App is helping users to manage their deliveries more efficiently and is rapidly growing with the number of downloads increasing every month. Royal Mail is the first in the industry in the UK to launch an augmented reality feature in its App, making it simpler than ever to send a parcel. The new features of the Royal Mail App are part of our commitment to investing in technology that improves the customer experience for both senders and recipients.”

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