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Socialist Party :: Tory meltdown

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From The Socialist newspaper, 11 September 2019

Tories out!, photo Mary Finch   (Click to enlarge)

Tory MPs are dropping like flies. Johnson has lost control of his party, parliament, and the plot.

A few crumbs thrown at public services isn’t going to make up for ten years of savage cuts. And now he wants us to pay the price of a no-deal Brexit.

Enough is enough. We need policies that benefit working-class and young people not the super-rich elite who Johnson represents.

Corbyn has said he wants to stop the cuts in public services and benefits, increase spending on the NHS and schools, build one million homes, scrap tuition fees, introduce a minimum wage of £10 next year, and take rail, water, gas, electric and Royal Mail out of the hands of the private profiteers.

He supports a deal with Europe which would defend the interests of workers, not the bosses and the rich.

If he energetically campaigned on that anti-austerity programme in a general election he could win. That could mark the first step towards transforming society for the benefit of ordinary working people, for which socialist policies will be needed.

We say:

  • No unity with pro-austerity politicians
  • Unions must build mass protests to fight for a general election
  • For a Corbyn-led government with socialist policies

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