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Tories protect their own amid allegations of corruption

It’s not only Dominic Cummings that Boris Johnson has refused to sack. He is also protecting housing secretary Robert Jenrick, despite repeated allegations of what looks like corruption. And part of the reason may be that Johnson himself is embroiled in the scandal. The Jenrick case centres on a 1,500 …

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It is no time for a truce with bullying post bosses

In Portishead near Bristol campaigning for the strike vote (Pic: CWU Bristol) Walkouts by postal workers on Monday in Bridgwater in Somerset and Southwark in south London underlined the angry mood among post workers. Nationally Royal Mail workers delivered yet another overwhelming vote to strike on Tuesday of last week. …

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No care for ill or infirm people under Tory corona plans

A protest by Disabled People Against Cuts in 2016 The government has said that around 1.5 million people in England are in so much danger due to coronavirus they must “take themselves out of society”. Those with certain long term health conditions were instructed not to leave their houses for …

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Corona crisis shows need to break from chaos of capitalism

A graveyard for airliners shows the chaos and waste of production under capitalism What kind of society could cope with coronavirus? As is becomingly increasingly obvious—not capitalism. Covid-19 reveals the limitations of our current system. One of capitalism’s central problems is a lack of democratic rational planning in the interests …

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Organise for alternative to Tories’ shutdown

Tories are not willing to break with market logic (Pic: Flickr/Downing Street) There are no “market?based solutions” to saving hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people’s lives from coronavirus. We have to suspend capitalism. Resources from across society and the economy—whether car plants, corportate call centres, supermarkets or second homes—have to …

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Final week to win massive strike vote in Royal Mail

Royal Mail workers are campaigning hard to win a national strike ballot by the biggest majority possible. The voting continues until next Tuesday. This week the workers’ CWU union urged, “Be brave, be relentless, be the union”. On Thursday and Friday last week hundreds of well-supported workplace meetings were held …

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